To report a contractual change to the PRC, go to the “Modification” section under “Contract Management” under the “Award” section. It can also be done in the "Data correction" section by clicking on the blue arrow below the newly modified column.

The operation to run to register a modification to the system will follow the following steps:

1. Contract selection: based on certain search criteria

Once the “Modification” option is selected, the contract search screen appears. The search for the contract can be done by entering the registration number of the contract which consists of:

  • Body code
  • Registration number
  • Year of execution

Or you can search based on the following criteria:

  • Group of contracts
  • Type of contract
  • Contracting body
  • Year of execution
  • Expedient

In this second mode it is mandatory to report at least some of the criteria, so that the program will search for contracts with the chosen search criteria and display them on screen for the user to select what he wants to modify. Depending on the search criteria chosen and how many of the criteria are reported the list of contracts that the program will show will be higher or lower.


In the case of criteria search, the system will display the list of contracts that meet the requirements. Clicking on the registration number will access the contract in question. If necessary, the paging buttons will be activated, as the system displays the search result in blocks of 15 rows.


From this result list, a query can be made in the contract file by clicking on the 'File' icon of the contract in question.

2. Batch selection: in the case of contracts with more than one lot

In the event that the contract selected to make the modification has several lots, a screen will be displayed in which the user and will have to indicate in which lot of the contract he wants to register the modification.


The selection will be made by pressing the batch number. At the same time you can access the tab (query only) of the batch using the corresponding 'Tab' icon.
Once the contract and the lot in question have been selected, the system will determine whether the latter has extensions. If so, the change will be made against the last extension. If not, it will be against the lot.

3. Modification data

The data processed by the system in a modification are:

  • Type of modification: mandatory field. It is necessary to inform of what type is the modification that is registering. This is a multi-selection field, so you can select from the list and add as many types as appropriate.
  • Amount: optional field. In this field it is necessary to report the amount of the modification, if it has had an economic component. This field may be left blank in the event that the modification has not had economic effects, or it may be reported in negative numbers in the event that the modification is a reduction in the amount of the initial contract.
  • Date of approval: mandatory field. It will be validated that it is higher than the date of award of the lot / extension.
  • File: optional field. The file code of the modification must be reported.
  • Modification greater than 10%: Indicator that the amount of the modification is greater than 10% of the award amount of the lot / extension.
  • Term: optional field. In this field, the time in which the term of the contract has been modified must be indicated in years, months and days, in the event that this has occurred.
  • Total amount: field protected and calculated by the system from the amount of award of the lot / extension plus the sum of the amounts of the different modifications.
  • Cause of the modification: It is an optional field. In this field the cause of the modification must be reported, the options are: forecast in the fold / announcement or unpredictable cause.
  • Formalization document: Optional field, only mandatory for batch modifications where it is mandatory to inform documents in the batch, as indicated in the section “Documents not to be attached” in point “2.1.5 Lot data”.


In the event that the selected contract is multi-year, the list of lots / extensions will appear in the modification data screen.