1. If you are a local body or a university:

Access the procedure you will find in EACAT Procedures > provider Consorci AOC, Service CAOC – Request for services > Procedure "Application for registration and modification of AOC services" .

Procedure screen EACAT request for AOC services

It is important that you consider:

  • That the form must be downloaded from the entity requesting the service.
  • That in order to download the registration form, the EACAT user manager must have assigned you permissions for the "CAOC service - Request for Services" .
  • That, once the form has been completed and validated, it will be necessary to sign it electronically and send it through the "Send" button on the form itself or through EACAT Procedures > Registration window .

2. If you are NOT a local body or a university:

For information on registration for entities that are not from the local world or universities, you can contact the Economy User Service Center by calling 902 30 01 27, or through Email address: registre_contractes.eco@gencat.cat

3. How to request correction of data already sent to the RPC?

The data already sent to the Public Register of Contracts and validated by the JCCA cannot be modified from the application. If you need to correct any data that has already been sent, you must fill out the following form.

This request must be sent directly to the Technical Secretariat of the Administrative Contracting Advisory Board through the address: registre_contractes.eco@gencat.cat