In the event that the amount awarded for the lot exceeds 600,000 euros, in the case of works, public works concessions, management of public services and collaboration contracts between the public and private sectors; 450,000 euros, in the case of supplies, and 150,000 euros, in the case of services and special administrative contracts, you will need to attach the pdf document of the contract and the specifications in order to send the contract.

To attach the documents, you must go to the end of the batch data screen (below the details of the successful bidder) where the list of documents of the batch is located and click on "Add new"

Once this is done, you will access the screen for attaching documents, where you will need to find the pdf you want to attach and indicate what type of document it is.

Please note that the maximum size of each attached pdf is 10MB, in the event that any of the documents exceeds this size, it must be split and attached in parts.