The Entity Administrator of the entity is the user who can manage the registration of users, associate the user to an organization and the termination of users.

Registration of users in the RPC

In order to register a user with an Editor and/or Validator profile in the RPC, the Entity Administrator must access the tool and specifically, in the 'Users' section:

In this section there is a user search engine through which the administrator can verify if the user is not already registered with the entity. If it is necessary to create the user from scratch, it must be done from the "new user" button on this same screen.

At this point the user registration screen will load.


 On this screen, the following data for the new user must be reported:

  • NIF (no spaces or separators)
  • First and last name
  • Profile that the user will have in the RPC
  • e-mail

You must leave marked, as it is by default, the field indicating that the user is active and click on Record.

NOTE : If you want to register a new Entity Administrator, follow the instructions in the FAQ: How can I register a new Entity Administrator in the RPC .

Associate organization to user

Once the new user has been registered, he must be associated with the recruitment body so that he can access the tool and perform the functions of the corresponding role. To do so, you must access the "User organizations" section.

On this screen there is also a search engine (to be able to see which users are associated with the entity or which profiles an existing user is associated with).

Below, click the "New" button to access the screen for associating the entity with the user.


The form to associate the user with the organization is displayed:


Select from the list of users of the entity the one you want to associate, choose the profile (by default the profile that has been assigned to the user appears in the previous section "Users", although you can change to allow adding more than one profile to the user (repeating this operation for each profile to associate).

In the Bodies field (level 2) appear the bodies that depend on the level 1 body, in the event that there are other bodies under the hierarchy of the contracting body (eg: city council and its dependent bodies).

Finally, the start and end dates of the user's association with the organization must be reported.

  • The start date will be the one on which the user must be able to access the tool with that role.
  • The end date, by default, will be 12/31/2030. In the event that the user's profile must have a lower validity, a different date can be indicated, but it must be taken into account that from this date onward, access to the tool will not be possible with this role .

Download users to the RPC

To deregister a user, the Entity Administrator needs to search (by NIF or name) for the user who wants to deregister and, once inside their data sheet, uncheck this "Active user" field.


NOTE : If you want to deregister an Entity Administrator, follow the instructions in the FAQ: How can I register a new Entity Administrator in the RPC .

Reactivating users in the RPC

When registering users in the RPC, the start and end date of validity must be reported, as shown in the following image:


If this expiration date arrives, and the user must still continue to be able to access the RPC as a user, reactivation will need to be requested since he will not appear as a user registered with the entity and when trying to associate -lo the message will appear:


In this case, the Entity Administrator of the us will need to open a support request in order to request the reactivation of the user with the following data:

  • First and last name
  • User ID to reactivate
  • Contracting body to which it belongs
  • Roles that this user has in the RPC