Once the contract has been completed and settled, and any possible extensions (if any), the settlement of the contract must be reported to the Registry.

In the section of lots / extensions pending liquidation, a search can be made of all the contracts with lots that have already passed their expected end date and are not extinguished or extended, and which can therefore be terminated.

The termination can be reported from the search engine screen itself (by clicking on the blue arrow) or from the settlement section and by searching for the contract to be terminated.

There are two types of settlement, compliance and resolution. In the case of liquidation by termination, the cause of termination of the contract must be reported.

In the field of the default final price is the contract award amount plus possible modifications to the contract, but the actual amount paid for the lot must be reported.

In the case of contracts with an award amount exceeding 50,000 euros, in order to be able to report the termination of the contract, the contract evaluation report must be attached (which can be found at the top of the Register page next to the user code or on the JCCA website). In contracts that are studies or opinions, it is always necessary to attach the contract evaluation report regardless of the amount of the contract and in the case of contracts from the local world, it is not obligatory in any case to attach it.

It is necessary to attach the same form that is downloaded from the Register page or to the JCCA website, it cannot be printed to fill it out and then scanned, as the evaluation report is a smart pdf and therefore it has a different format to the normal pdf.