The basic data of the contract, can NOT be modified after you have recorded it. In case of error, the contract must be canceled and re-created. This is because depending on this data, the rest of the contract sheet will incorporate some data or others and the validations may vary:

  • Contract group
  • Type of contract
  • Contracting body
  • Number of lots
  • Contracting Unit
  • Year of execution of the contract

As for the number of lots, all contracts in the register have at least one lot, so by default there will always be a 1 as a lot number. No more than one successful bidder per lot can be reported in the Public Register of Contracts, therefore in the event that there is more than one successful bidder, as many lots as there are winners will always be reported.

In the event that the contract has a performance of more than one year, the field “year of performance of the contract” must be reported in the year of commencement of performance.

The "Contracting Unit" field will have no option to choose from the drop-down list, unless requested by the contracting authority.
To apply for contracting units, send an application to the e-mail address