A contract entered in the Public Register of Contracts may be returned to the contracting body by the Advisory Board for the correction of certain data. This status informs the user that they have returned contracts, after reviewing their data by the technical services of the Administrative Procurement Advisory Board. To be able to identify which of these returned contracts you need to go to the contract consultation section and in the “contract status” field, select the “returned contract” option, so that when you search, all of them will appear on the screen. the returned contracts of this body.

To find out why the contract has been returned, go to the data correction section, search for the contract and access your data by clicking on “No. Registration ”of the contract in the list of results. A screen will be displayed with the basic details of the contract and a button that says "returned data". Clicking on this button opens a screen where you can see a message indicating the reason for the return of the contract. You can also search for returned contracts directly from data correction by choosing the "returned contract" option in the "contract status" field and searching.

The most common reason for returning a contract is to have a termination of more than 20%. In the event that the details of the returned contract are incorrect, they must be corrected, in the event that the data are correct, the contract must be resubmitted to the JCCA.