The sending option will allow the managers of the contracting bodies to send the data entered to the Consultative Board of Administrative Contracting, for its subsequent validation or, as the case may be, the return to the contracting body so that, in the as the case may be, amend or validate it if the data is correct. Until this action is taken, the contracts are not sent even though the information has been entered into the application.

See the section Phases of sending contracts to the RPC .

The transmission mechanism requires the user to inform which body they want to send to and optionally, which year of execution. The organization will be selected from the list of organizations associated with the user in question. Once the search has been executed, the contracts to be sent must be marked using the selection column. The indicator located at the column header allows for bulk check/uncheck. The 'Send' button will send the chosen contracts.

The contracts that are considered not fulfilled are those in which:

  • Not all the lots indicated in the initial data of the contract have been entered
  • Not all annuities are entered (in the case of multi-year contracts)
  • Documents (electronically signed pdf) need to be attached if the contract has lots that exceed the thresholds.