Despite having recorded the data of a contract in the RPC if it is not fulfilled, the data will not be sent to the Consultative Board of Administrative Contracting for its review.

To see why you cannot send the data for a certain contract, access the "Correction of data" menu and search for the specific contract. From this screen you can see the reason why the data cannot be sent.


  • Annuities are not reported. Even if the performance of the contract does not exceed one year, if the period includes two different years, annuities must be reported to the RPC.
  • The sum of the amount of the annuities is greater than the tendered amount.
  • The sum of the annuities of the awarded amount is greater than the awarded amount.
  • Failure to report submitted bids (mandatory in the case of non-minor works contracts).

To correct or inform the corresponding data, you will need to access the link in the first column of results that is shown in the registration number (not in the summary sheet of the incorporated data).

Subsequently , the contract data can be modified in case the data correction must be done on the general data through the "Modify data" button at the top of the screen, or modify the data of the lots of the tender by accessing the required lot from the first column at the bottom of the screen (not in the summary tab of the embedded data):